Get A Drip provides Vitamin Drips and Booster shots to help improve your health and wellness.

The UK franchise – with multiple locations in London – has recently launched its first Irish clinic in Junction 6, Dublin 15. IV vitamin drips have been very popular outside of Ireland for many years, celebrities often plugging them as the best cure for a hangover, but what really is Get A Drip about? Dublin Social paid a visit to investigate.

Junction 6 is located at the old Total Fitness at the junction of the N3 and the M50. The former gym has been transformed into a fitness village with a number of smaller fitness businesses like Metcon 6 and Ger Conroy Fitness, as well as Recovery Room (sport recovery service), Matei’s Salt Cave and even a massive drive-thru/click & collect Bujo Burger.

Just inside the front door of the main building, is Get A Drip. 3 leather reclining chairs are divided by wooden screens with the drip holder hanging from above on a neat pulley system. Drips are administered by a nurse – the super friendly and lovely Lynn – and after filling in some forms, we chat with Lynn about our lifestyle and goals for our visit.

Get A Drip offers a large range of IVs plus different add ons. After our consultation, it is decided we will go for the MultiVit Drip (Basic hydration + MultiVit) €100, Vitamin B12 Energy Shot (Methylcobalamin 5mg) €45 and the strongest available Detox (Glutathione 2.4mg) €150.

Before the treatment begins, the nurse will send plans plus your medical history for approval from a doctor off-site and then it is time to sit back and relax. There is very little sensation during the process but I could definitely feel the detox working later that evening. Glutathione works as an antioxidant and I am informed I might feel a little off upon leaving as the detox works its magic.

The B12 is what many people swear by and after the initial nausea from the detox, I certainly feel a spring in my step. Time will tell if I see the other benefits but I have heard many friends saying it works wonders for dealing with their daily fatigue. Other treatments available include DNA testing to identify your micronutrient requirements, Skin Health courses, Anti-Ageing and the interestingly titled, Party Pack. One thing is for sure, Dublin Social will definitely be back to explore some of the other options on the menu soon.

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