Dublin Social has visited Treehouse Treats and can now confirm, Duck Doughnuts are everything we dreamed of!

Treehouse Treats operates from an impressive airstream foodtruck and is located at Knocknashee Estate, Goatstown, a couple of minutes from the popular Airfield Farm & Gardens.

Dan Hannigan (Mister S, Richmond, L’ecrivain, Food For Thought), Luke Murphy (Wishbone, DPC, Hey Donna) and David Keane (Gregan’s Castle, Richmond, Brookwood) have combined their creative juices to bring an incredible line up of delectable desserts and savoury snacks to the ever growing Dublin streetfood scene.


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Dan Hannigan, most recently head chef at Mister S, is one of the best young chefs in the country and is doing incredible work with his charitry fundraiser, Food For Thought. He told Dublin Social, “We use sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients to produce our dishes. We wanted to bring some restaurant quality food to our airstream while being fun and casual with our customers. Our big sellers are our hazelnut choux buns, duck doughnuts and the chocolate, raspberry and whipped caramel tart.”


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It is the Duck Doughnuts that have been causing quite a stir on the socials though. Soft brioche doughnuts are stuffed with confit duck leg and pickled beetroot, served with a seasonal rhubarb hoisin on the side. The Doughnuts have a golden exterior, the duck melts in the mouth and the rubarb hoisin is a delcious sweet and sour sauce for dipping generously.

Choux buns are appearing ever more regulary on our feeds and long may this trend continue. Treehouse Treats choux is a feather light pastry encasiong a large cavity that is filled with a wonderful hazelnut cream. At firast glace, it might be reasonable to think these buns simply have a dollop of filling in the centre. Less dollop, more resevoir would be a sounder descirption as that delicious hazelnut cream comes oozing out at ever crack.

The Vanilla Panna Cotta with Lemon Curd is rich with vanilla flavour and the three mini meringues on top add to a lovely combination of textures. Also on the menu, Brown Butter Cookies, Eton Mess and a selection of Sourdough Sandwiches from Jack Rabbit. Dublin Social will be back very soon to try out that incredible looking raspberry and whipped caramel tart.

Vegan desserts are on the way and opening hours are 8-4 Monday to Friday and 10-6 Saturday and Sunday.