Get A Drip. IV Drip Therapy Launches in Dublin

Get A Drip. IV Drip Therapy Launches in Dublin

Get A Drip provides Vitamin Drips and Booster shots to help improve your health and wellness.

The UK franchise – with multiple locations in London – has recently launched its first Irish clinic in Junction 6, Dublin 15. IV vitamin drips have been very popular outside of Ireland for many years, celebrities often plugging them as the best cure for a hangover, but what really is Get A Drip about? Dublin Social paid a visit to investigate.

Junction 6 is located at the old Total Fitness at the junction of the N3 and the M50. The former gym has been transformed into a fitness village with a number of smaller fitness businesses like Metcon 6 and Ger Conroy Fitness, as well as Recovery Room (sport recovery service), Matei’s Salt Cave and even a massive drive-thru/click & collect Bujo Burger.

Just inside the front door of the main building, is Get A Drip. 3 leather reclining chairs are divided by wooden screens with the drip holder hanging from above on a neat pulley system. Drips are administered by a nurse – the super friendly and lovely Lynn – and after filling in some forms, we chat with Lynn about our lifestyle and goals for our visit.

Get A Drip offers a large range of IVs plus different add ons. After our consultation, it is decided we will go for the MultiVit Drip (Basic hydration + MultiVit) €100, Vitamin B12 Energy Shot (Methylcobalamin 5mg) €45 and the strongest available Detox (Glutathione 2.4mg) €150.

Before the treatment begins, the nurse will send plans plus your medical history for approval from a doctor off-site and then it is time to sit back and relax. There is very little sensation during the process but I could definitely feel the detox working later that evening. Glutathione works as an antioxidant and I am informed I might feel a little off upon leaving as the detox works its magic.

The B12 is what many people swear by and after the initial nausea from the detox, I certainly feel a spring in my step. Time will tell if I see the other benefits but I have heard many friends saying it works wonders for dealing with their daily fatigue. Other treatments available include DNA testing to identify your micronutrient requirements, Skin Health courses, Anti-Ageing and the interestingly titled, Party Pack. One thing is for sure, Dublin Social will definitely be back to explore some of the other options on the menu soon.

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New Smithfield Sandwich Supremo Proves Big A Hit, As ‘The Beast’ Hits The Scale At 1lb!

New Smithfield Sandwich Supremo Proves Big A Hit, As ‘The Beast’ Hits The Scale At 1lb!

Cuan, has long been a name synonymous with sandwiches in Belfast, and in recent time, The Belfast Bap has become a legendary vehicle for quality fillings.

The sister restaurant of Cuan Belfast opened on Easter Sunday and we headed up to Smithfield to check out the hype at Cuan Dublin.

‘The Beast’ is the signature sandwich and weighs in at a whopping 1lb. An overload on quantity doesn’t hinder the quality, as Cuan only source the best ingredients available. Slow-braised Dexter beef from Donabate Dexter, roasted free range Irish chicken, their very own Cuan bacon, raised by Jubilee Farm, Dromona Makes It cheddar, beef tomatoes, rocket, crispy onions & homemade chipotle mayo packed into in the soft and fluffy, Kirk’s Bakery Belfast subroll.


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I’ll say it now, The Beast is instantly one of the greatest sandwiches in the city. Three quality meats are perfectly complimented by the rest of the stack and each bite is an epic journey. This is not a light snack before the gym though, box yourself off some recovery time (especially if you have a side of Patas Bravas like us too) as the Cuan beast could even be shared.

Cuan has sustainability at the very core of its business with a high level of work going into sourcing the best meat and produce available in the country. Cuan works directly with farms has a number of agreements in place to buy full animals throughout the year.

Cuan has big plans for Smithfield this summer and we cannot wait to see that big square put to use!


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Top scoring Italian, in the shadow of Croke Park

Top scoring Italian, in the shadow of Croke Park

Jones’ road. The scene on summer evenings is often of celebration or despair. Heading to the pub happy, or heading on the long drive home thinking about what went wrong. A summer, unlike others, has left the area without those match day crowds and without the matchday revenue a lot of businesses in the area rely on.

Drumcondra and the surrounding area, have another reason to make the journey, just north of the city centre worthwhile, and that’s it’s restaurants & cafes. Middle Eastern delight Shouk, Anderson’s Creperie, Fagan’s Sunday lunch and more recent addition Eatyard, all bring in hungry customers from far beyond the local postcodes.

It’s back to Jones’ road though and just over the bridge onto Russell street where one will find a neighbourhood Italian with the focus on traditional Sardinian dishes. Wallace’s Asti has been serving stonebaked pizza and Italian pasta favourites since 2008. It doesn’t take us long to see why. Tables are spread out along the large front window with a busy open kitchen on the other side of diners, this leaves plenty of space between customers or else partitions in between, the new normal.

Asti is part of the ‘Wallace’s Italian Winebars’ group who also operate Wallace’s Taverna, Caffe Cagliostro and recent opening Sfuso (will visit soon) in Dublin’s Italian quarter. So of course, the wine list’s substantial and dominated by Italian classics like Barolo or Valpolicella. Novecentonovantanove catches the eye on the menu, we are informed it’s a natural wine from Veneto produced by Nevio Scala the former footballer and manager best known for being at the helm at Parma during their 90’s ‘Golden Era’. Aromatic with smooth tannins, herbaceous and cherry notes. Wonderful.

We begin with the Black Focaccia, made with the dough of Pinsa Romana Nera and giving its distinctive black colour by natural vegetable charcoal. Warm and delicious with a slight crunch, perfect for mopping up balsamic and olive oil. Starters consist of a fresh and delicious Bruschetta al Pomodoro with buffalo mozzarella €8 and Tagliere Sardegna €13.50 a selection of artisan cured meats and cheeses all of Sardinia including salsiccia nepente, ricotta mantecata along with grilled vegetables, artichokes, breads, olives, honey and more. This is a feast at an incredible value!

I am lucky enough to live close by, so I utilised the collection service during the lockdown and had a couple of the stone-baked pizzas to takeaway. Wallace’s know what they are doing and would give any pizza in the city a true run for its money. Choose between traditional Neapolitan or the aforementioned Black Pinsa dough. Today is a day for pasta though and it’s a true taste of Sardinia that really excites me. Fregola ai Frutti di mare €20, Fregola is a hand-made small spherical pasta that is found on menus all over the island, often served with Frutti di mare – mixed seafood – cherry tomatoes, chilli and white wine sauce. Beautifully served with mussels and prawns sitting atop of the pasta, the fregola holds a slightly nutty and is cooked to perfection. My companion opts for Spaghetti carbonara €17, once again, wonderfully traditional using only eggs, black pepper, guanciale cured pork cheek and pecorino.

An extremely attractive Chocolate fondant is gooey and luscious but the star of the sweets is the Seada. Walking the tightrope between savoury and sweet, these ravioli-like semolina pastries are filled with cheese, fried and then drizzled with honey and icing sugar. Possibly the most famous dish from Sardinia, a spectacle when torn apart to reveal the melted stringy cheese. Chowed down with a glass of sweet Moscato from guess where? Yes, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of our next travel destinations, whenever that may be.

No Italian night is complete without a shot of Grappa to finish and we exit with a merry smile upon our face, knowing we have found a local gem to return to on future occasions. Great wine by famous footballers in the shadow of our famous football stadium, the new Italian summer holiday.

Sandwiches by day, burgers by night and even a secret wine bar to come

Sandwiches by day, burgers by night and even a secret wine bar to come

Rewind back to March, restaurants are under forced closure and the future is unknown. Many businesses decide to take the only option available to them and set their once busy and bustling social destinations up as new high quality takeaways.

Jules Mak was one of the first to act, starting a drive through pre-paid service to eliminate as much contact and face to face interaction as possible at Mak D6. With Mak usually closing on a Tuesday, Jules saw a chance to experiment and decided to start selling burgers on ‘Test Kitchen Tuesdays’. The MAK burger was a massive hit and I can affirm the hype was real, having been lucky enough to get my hands on the terrific double cheese creations on a couple of occasions. The demand was impossible to keep up with, after all, the Mak D6 kitchen isn’t designed as a burger grill.


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A classic ham & cheese. The first of our hush sandwich series ??

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Ranelagh’s loss is Rathmines’ gain, as those burgers have found a new home at day v night themed Hush. During the day the team are roasting their own meats and slinging out sandwiches like ‘The Nice Guy’ €7 – Classic Glazed Grilled Ham and Cheese on Sourdough or this week,s Porchetta special which went down a treat with a Potato Bacon Salad €4 or €10.50 with the sandwich. Soup of the day was cream of parsnip & Bradley apple €6 or the same deal when added to any sandwich.

When evening hits – after 5 pm -, it is time for some burgers. Double Cheese, Beer Battered Cod Fillet, Crispy Buttermilk Chicken or a Sweet Potato & Black Bean Burger all sound a treat in a when occupying a brioche bun €9-11. Other nipples are available such a Chilli Nachos €9 or how about topping your burger with Beef Chilli Cheese? €2.50

Talks of a boutique wine bar and a tasting menu are flying strong in the rumour mill so Hush is very much a ‘watch this space’ for the coming weeks and months.


137 Rathmines Rd Lower, Rathmines, Dublin, D06 V3Y8

(01) 430 5901